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Giám đốc: Brad Bird
Phân vai: Holly Hunter Craig T. Nelson Sarah Vowell Huck Milner Samuel L. Jackson
Ngày Phát Hành:  15 June, 2018

Tóm tắt

  The Incredibles 2 marks new exciting adventures with unexpected role reversal. This time, ElastiGirl Helen will take on new challenge and save the world while Mr. Incredible Bob will stay home and take care of their kids. Especially, the kids are growing up day by day as well as superpowers get stronger: daughter Violet (invisibility and force field), son Dash-Dash (super speed) and baby Jack-Jack with hidden powers. A new mysterious villain appears with an evil scheme and The Incredibles have to make their return. How will The Incredibles family overcome this challenge?  INCREDIBLES   will be released from  JUN 15th, 2018 at Lotte Cinema.    

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