In a rib-tickling film, Gene Stupnitsky's Good Boys places the beguiling balance between youthful individuality and the desperation that makes teens, teens....
Just Saying
20 Sep 2019
You can torture people with this....
Juice Online
19 Sep 2019
The new Mortal Kombat movie has officially started production down in Australia, and the full roster of fighters has been revealed....
17 Sep 2019
It Chapter Two finally hit theatres last Friday, and some of the horror movie's cast has been honouring the release by sharing fun behind-the-scenes photos and videos to Instagram....
Comic Book
16 Sep 2019
Disney’s Marvel Studios reigned Friday night at the 45th Annual Saturn Awards at the Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles. Avengers: Endgame, led the night in wins and nominations....
15 Sep 2019
Pennywise the clown is back to coax you into bathtubs, drains and canals near you with IT Chapter Two, which is a sequel that takes place 27 years after the ...
13 Sep 2019
Long-awaited Sequels of Movies Over a Decade Ago!...
10 Sep 2019
Who will watch the Watchmen on HBO? Hopefully a fair number of people with the network's efforts in ensuring a same day release in multiple territories!...
Just Saying
9 Sep 2019
Nothing gets your heart thumping than a good horror movie. There are the ones which are all-out gory, a few that scare you with heightened suspense and a handful that ...
8 Sep 2019
We’ve learned today that the final trailer for Mike Flanagan‘s Doctor Sleep, a sequel to The Shining, will be making the world shine again this coming Sunday, September 8th! In ...
Bloody Disgusting
8 Sep 2019
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