ON YOUR WEDDING DAY (너의 결혼식) (2018)

/ / Romance / 110 mins

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY (너의 결혼식) Movie Poster
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Tóm tắt

"On Your Wedding Day" is the story of a man who gets a wedding invitation from his first love. TOURIST WITH LOTTE CINEMA IN KOREA. Time: 07.09.2018 - 16.09.2018 Content: Customers buy 2 movie tickets On Your Wedding Day, check-in with the ticket, have the opportunity to go to Korea. - Step 1: Buy the movie tickets Beautiful Day. - Step 2: Take pictures with ticket stubs. - Step 3: Post the picture with the hashtag #lottecinema #ngayemdepnhat #koreatrip on facebook in public mode and check-in at Lotte Cinema. Prize: - First prize (1 prize): 1 trip to Korea worth 20.000.000VNĐ - Second prize (10 prizes): each prize consists of 2 2D movie tickets  ON YOUR WEDDING DAY will be released from  SEP 07th, 2018 at Lotte Cinema.

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