A Star Is Born (2018)

18 / English / Drama / Musical / Not Available

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A movie star helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

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A Star Is Born Reviews

18 October 2018
Amazing score and dynamic performances help to elevate this simple story of music and love to considerable heights.

Hashina Jasmine Jasz
18 October 2018
Lady gaga
Wow....cant wait to watch this movie....must be amazing as the trailer ...gonna watch this movie soon....

Hafiz Yunos
16 September 2018
Lady GaGA
I can't wait to see Gaga! I love her since The Fame era. She is a good acting at the same time she is very good as the singer!

Evelyn Evangeline
19 October 2018
A star is born
Superb music movie that has my favourite movie cast - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper! Wonderful movie!!!

Muhammad hafizuddin bin Hussain
19 October 2018
Gaga the best
Being a big fan of lady .......... gaga......... is why i have to watch this movie. Can not wait anymore.

Wong Kok Chueng
21 October 2018
Talented Couple’s love story
Bradley Cooper made a self directed singing musical love movie and invited talented Lady Gaga as main actress in this movie. The film tells the story of a screaming male singer helping a girl with a star dream realize her dream. The same story has been put on the big screen three times, and each version has won several Oscar-winning best male and female protagonists, best original music and many other awards. This time, the same story once again being moved to the big screen, is it really remarkable and able to marry the classics? However, this is the first time I read this story, I feel that this sad and joyful music love story is really great! The not in strange dress Lady Gaga, in fact, look just fine, she arranged a number of first sounding songs in the movie, such as "Shallow", "I'll Never Love Again", "Is That Alright", "Why Did You Do That? "and many more. Bradley Cooper also interpretation of "Black Eyes", "Maybe It is Time" and other songs. Gaga sings and plays well, her performance is beyond the expectations. In the first half of the story, the two people met and loved each other and bring out a good story. The second half of the story is a bit slow and a little drag. In addition to watching a love story of a talented couple , but also went to a musical event, it is worth it! * Does the birth of a new star mean that there must be another superstar's fall? * The ending of the movie seems to have occurred in the European and American music scenes. The departure of the superstars is always related to alcoholism and drug abuse.

Chong Pei Chee
20 October 2018
Lady Gaga : The Movie
That should be the apt name for this movie. Nowhere near the quality of the classic 1973 movie, this is just a showcase for Lady Gaga to strut her stuff - singing and dancing.

20 October 2018
It's all about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
aka Lady Gaga. Feels like a music video about her, with Bradley Cooper just a sideshow. Just can't feel the unrequited love, unlike the classic 1973 movie version. Watch it for the songs only.

Lam Tzi Eng
22 October 2018
An excellent movie , good storyline , must have a watch , the actors have done a fantastic job! Loving it

Leonard Lim WK
20 October 2018
Very very inspiring and intriguing inspired by the lady of all time favourite this is the era of lady gaga

Naveenchandar Sundararaj
24 October 2018
Good story
Movie narrates the real time trouble mostly undergo by celebrities. Good picturization, enjoyed watching

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