The Island (2018)

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Ma Jin owed debts, and Xiao Xing, a distant cousin, fought at the bottom of the society. He bought habitual lottery tickets in an attempt to explode his wealth and to married his colleague, Shan Shan. One day, all employees of the company went to an island for team building. Later, Ma Jin realized he won the first prize in the lottery ticket. Sixty million! Just as the days when Ma Jin enjoyed happily of his wealth transformed, a sudden big waves broke it all. Everyone who revived found themselves in a desert island and lost all contact with the outside world...

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The Island Reviews

10 August 2018
The Island
this movie so so only...

13 August 2018
Good & funny movie!
Although the storyline for this movie is not new, but the actings perform by all the casts are really spark an incredible chemistry between them all. Really worth to watch.

11 August 2018
Good message
This movie narrates a very important message to all, that is to always be thankful for what we have..

Evelyn Evangeline
11 August 2018
The Island
Funny and inspiring movie plot that leaves audience with laughter and deep thoughts. Great chemistry between the actors too!

Leonard Lim WK
10 August 2018
Best story telling of the year with great casts and plot Tells us the true moral and lesson in life Be grateful for what we have

Alexander Lamb
13 August 2018
Good film with some thoughts
At first, after j watched the movie I was like not interested as I feel like, hmm so this is an multiplayer cast away film? I thought Tom Thanks version was more than enough and it was very impressive. However, after I watch the movie, my perception towards the movie change, it was indeed a good movie. Besides comedy elements, the movie conversation message to its viewers which I value as a movie goer. Over all, I recommend this movie to all of you.

Hashina Jasmine
11 August 2018
This movie bring aling with good n important message....soo guys please fi n watch it.....hurry up....

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