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Ang Ikaduhang Pagbalik(Cagayan de Oro City)A man wearing a barong, holds some fliers, roams around the park, and begins to interact with people. He is a preacher who wishes to gain more followers of his church. He’s been asking the people in the park to listen to the words of the lord. Then, the preacher approaches a lone, young man sitting on a bench. He convinces the young man to join his church, and attend a ceremony the next day.  This young man shows no interest.  The next day, however, the young man decides to join the service and tries to find said church. During the ceremony, the preacher discusses about their faith in god to the devotees. As the ceremony ended, the preacher gives each one of them a gift. Later that night an assembly takes place.Sierra Madre(Cebu)Kalipay, a young girl, searches for her grandfather’s long lost ship in a conflict in between her family and the sea.No Seguir(Cebu)Rizal writes his last farewell. He is soon interrupted by the knocks on his door.Pleasant Words(Cebu)This is a TV test card substitute where Rody-chan and friends talk pleasantly.Hilom(Leyte)Twin brothers struggle with their identities amidst the quiet cruelty of a remote island.vMga Bitoon sa Siyudad(Davao)An hour before the bomb explosion at Roxas Night Market, Davao City, two young brothers, Oliver (12) and Mac-Mac (9) went from one table to another to serenade the market goers. The money they earn is used for their day to day school allowances and also their means of helping their father who work as a masseur at the night market. Few minutes later, Mac-Mac discovered that he lost some amount of money. The two brothers immediately traced their steps back hoping to find it. Oliver reassures Mac-Mac that he will help him look for the missing money and told him not to go anywhere until he comes back. Oliver went his way, while Mac-Mac patiently waits. Minutes ticked by and a loud explosion happened. Roxas Market turned into chaos but Mac-Mac was still waiting for his brother to return.Pagrara Sang Patipuron(Iloilo)Pagrara Sang Patipuron follows a group of indigenous Aeta women weaving artists in Nagpana, a sitio up in the mountains of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. The film explores their artistic processes and products, reflecting negotiations between tradition and modernity. The Nagpana community is home to weaving artists that traditionally make crafts (purses and bags) that answer to a saturated market of woven crafts. This circle of women weaving artists are going beyond the products the Aeta are known for, by weaving jewelry with designs inspired by their environment and the people they live with. For these women, to weave from the center, to weave a circle, is to weave a life confronting realities of lack and insecurities brought about by poverty. With the help of two young artist entrepreneurs in the community, the women were empowered to explore their artistic imagination and extend the limits of their design process in the hope of transcending their present realities. The Aeta are considered the first inhabitants of the Philippine archipelago, but they are also one of the most marginalized indigenous peoples in the country.Mga Bitin(Cebu)About Mouthbrooder CichlidsSa Laing Kalibutan, Adunay Kita Karong Gabhiona(Cebu)One of the many possibilities when we create a world made of joy, pain, unresolved feelings, memorable moments, and a few buckets of beer.Leonora Kilat(Cebu)With her movie star grandma dead and her favorite movie theater dying, Shirley’s life mission is holding one last screening at the Colossus Theater of Philomena Singson’s legendary film, Leonora Kilat.

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