Sinag Maynila 2018 Short Films (2018)

/ / Drama / 70 min

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Featured Short Films:Cesar and MagdaSee the story of a man who is trying to survive his extinguished married life for companionship. As he attempts to bring back the spark in his marriage, he is yet to discover how his wife will absorb his sudden transformation.FirestarterCatch the political anomaly of Marga – a PR mastermind behind tumultuous events that rocked the country’s national stability through rallies and coups. A political puppeteer who spins the truth for people in power and for her personal gain, Marga is hunted by the mess she had created.HalusinasyonTrip out with the story of two guys hooked up in using illegal drugs.  Tisoy and Kulot try to survive the true consequences of drug intake when one session causes frightening hallucinations.Kayle FMSee how a simple phone call can turn into a nightmare. A DJ takes a call on air at his radio station when a listener breaks down in tears. Thinking it was a matter of shallow heartache, DJ ‘Papa Marco’ offers a shoulder to cry on, only to find out a bigger sorrow and guilt hiding behind the caller’s tears.PompomsWitness the real and horrendous issues of child trafficking in the midst of poverty as we follow the story of Lando: a young boy entered into pedophilia by his own mother who struggled to make ends meet. Sacrificing the innonence of her child, Lando is chained to an atrocious pact without any way out.The DuwendeSend chills down your spine when Boyet is called back to his family in their rural home after his young daughter goes missing. While his wife believes their child was taken by  the mythical duwende, Boyet discovers that the truth is much harder to bear.

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