Bite-Sized Reviews: 'It'

By nicholas | 11 Sep 2017
Bite-Sized Reviews: 'It'


A group of bullied kids who call themselves “The Losers Club” band together when an evil clown known as Pennywise emerges to prey on the town’s children.


Based on Stephen King’s 1986 magnum opus, IT is a supernatural horror led by a cast of emerging young talents including Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Jaeden Lieberher (Midnight Special), with an excellent Bill Skarsgard perfectly embodying the role of the menacing title character.

Unlike what the film’s plot suggests, there is much more going on beneath the macabre surface of Derry. Although it is essentially a horror film, the elements of dread are surprisingly subdued, and IT instead really shines as a loose coming-of age story.

Gleamed with the vintage hue of the 80s, think of IT as The Goonies meets A Nightmare on Elm Street. Expect to be pleasantly regaled by a nostalgic feeling of adventure interspersed with humorous dialogue and heartfelt exposition, but also be wary of bloody scenes, frightening imagery and jump scares.

Evidently not without its flaws, some audiences may not appreciate the inordinate use of CGI, as well as its non-linear plot structure during the first act, which is in most parts, a collection of scenes that have no connective bridges until the children finally converge for one main storytelling arc.


IT is certainly a test for the squeamish, but seasoned horror enthusiasts might feel a little disappointed with the lack of genuine scares. That being said, it is still easily one of the biggest treats of the year and makes for an absolutely entertaining cinematic experience.

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