108 GIỜ KINH HOÀNG (2018)

NA / Spanish / Kinh dị, hồi hộp / Not Available

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Tóm tắt

In an abandoned psychiatric hospital, an avant-garde theater group is experimenting with insomnia while working on the staging of a play written twenty years earlier by a group of patients. As days of sleep privation go by, the actors gradually begin to develop new powers of perception, which bring them face to face with the spirits and hidden stories that haunt the building. When BIANCA, a gifted young actress, joins the cast to compete for the starring role, she finds herself locked in a struggle not only to overcome the intensely demanding work and the jealousy of her fellow actors, but also the paranormal forces that seem to be driving her and the others inexorably towards the tragic outcome of the original play itself.  YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP  will be release in  MAY 18th 2018 at Lotte Cinema.    

Giới Thiệu Phim


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