NẮNG 2 (2017)

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Teaser Nắng 2     Nắng 2 is the next part of the film Nắng was released on 31/8/2016. The film revolves around the story of Mưa accidentally kidnapped by a guy named Hoàng who is chased by the gangsters. Along with Linh, the little girl was robbed by the bandits, all three had a "stormy" journey to Phan Rang - Hoàng's hometown, and experienced many emotional and dramatic events. Meanwhile, Nắng and his two uncles are trying to find a way to rescue her mother. With the resounding success of the previous part, the viewers can fully expect that Nắng 2 will be a movie work conquering the viewer completely in all levels of emotions. Nắng 2 khởi chiếu 31 .08.2017 tại Lotte Cinema toàn quốc.  

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